Mango Cashewnut Kulfi

04 Jun

1 Ltr Full Fat Milk
2 tbs Sugar (as per your taste) OR 2 tbs Condense milk if you have.
15 cashews coarsely crushed
1 Mango churned to make pulp

Boil milk at medium temperature till it becomes half; keep stirring it and clearing the borders; as fat tends to stick to walls of the pan
When it reaches half way, add sugar and cashew nut powder; and again boil for some more time till mlk gets thick
Now let the mixture come to room temperature
From the thickened milk; take out a small part and add mango pulp; this way you can create 2 layers
Use few paper glasses; fill with mango pulp; freeze it for 2 hours; and then add white milk kulfi portion and cover the glass with alumnium foil and a ice cream stick inside.
And again freeze it for over night; ensure no one opens the freezer door



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Posted by on June 4, 2020 in Sweets


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