Ice Halwa / Bombay Halwa

27 Feb


1/2 cup maida
1/2 cup ghee
1/2 cup milk
1 cup sugar mix all ingredients and keep on gas in a thick bottom vessel.

Keep stirring constantly. Add little about 1/4 tesp rose essence. At a point(after 10 to 15 minutes) the dough starts forming.
It starts leaving sides.
Now add 1 spoon of ghee and stir well till everything comes up together.

Pre required
1.Before starting grease a foil or the surface with ghee and also grease another sheet with which you will use in the process.
2. Slice almonds pistachio and keep ready also add some saffron strands.
So once dough formed. Please it on the greased sheet I used aluminum foil. Please another well greased plastic or foil (be sure it is greased.)
With the rolling pin roll as thin but take care of the dough sticking the upper sheet.
Spread the chopped nuts and then roll once with the greased rolling pin. Cut squares and when ready (when dried up) take away.


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