Dates Ubbati (Dates Puranpoli)

26 May

Ingredients: For stuffing: * 1cup dates (seeds removed) * 1cup grated coconut * 1 cup grated jaggery * 1tbs cardamom powder * 1tbs poppy seeds (optional) For the outer cover: * 2 cup maida or All purpose flour * pinch yellow clour * 2-3tbs hot oil * water NO SALT Method: To make outer cover take maida in a wide bowl add yellow clour, hot oil & mix well. Now add sufficient water in small amount to get a soft dough. Must and should it has to be soft otherwise while pressing it will break. Now keep aside this dough in a closed vessel for 30min. Stuffing;: Grind dates, Jaggery & grated coconut into a smooth peast. Now add cardamom powder and transfer the mixture to non stick pan. Heat this mixture till dough become dry. Keep aside for 10min. Once it cooles apply little ghee on your hands & make the small balls keep this inside the freezer for15min so balls have to become tight & more dry otherwise while pressing stuff will come out. Now make the balls of outer cover dough. Now we are ready to roll. Roll outer cover dough balls into small poori size by dipping into maida. Now place the freezered stuffing balls at the center of the rolled dough. Then seal the stuffing very nicely & carefully. It should not open while rolling it. Useing maida for dusting make the medium shape like small chapathi. Immidiately do the tawafry on a medium flame appling little ghee on both the side. Finally transfer on a news paper or use paper towels. Garnish with dates now ready to serve Ubbati..

ubbatti collegae

Recipe by Seema Mallya

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