Shevai (Idiappam)

09 Oct

Ingredients: 3 pav raw rice, 2 cups coconut gratings,little oil for greasing & salt to taste.

Method: Soak rice in water for 3 hours. Wash. Grind coconut gratings with rice to a fine paste. Add salt. Transfer the paste to  a digchi.Grease the bottom of the digchi with little oil. Dilute the paste with some water. Place it on flame.Go on stirring till the paste becomes stiff enough to be shaped in to balls. Then remove from flame. Shape the balls in oval form, make a small depression in each with fingers, and placed into the idli vessel or pedavan. Steam, under cover for half an hour. Then open lid, take out the balls, insert into oil greased semia mould, press the balls and collect semia on a plate. When cool, transfer the semias to a basin and keep aside covered with cloth.
Sweetened coconut juice: Juice extracted by grinding a cup of coconut gratings, mixed with crushed jaggery & a little powdered cardamom.  Semia is also served with pickles and coconut oil.

shevaaai shvai

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