24 Sep

Ingredients: 25 colocasia ( arvi) leaves, 2 cups coconut gratings, 1 cup green gram (Moogu), 25 roasted red chillies, 1 small piece asafoetida, tamarin  marble size ball or Bimbul 7 to 8 & salt to taste.

Method: Remove fiber from arvi leaves & wash thoroughly. Soak green gram in water. Grind coconut gratings with roasted red chillies, tamarind & asafoetida (hing) without adding much water. Before taking out masala, add salt and soaked green gram and grind to a fine paste. Spread a large arvi leaf on a wooden board with back surface up. Smear masala paste evenly all over the surface. Place a smaller leaf over it and repeat the smearing process. After 5, 6 leaves are placed one over the other like this fold in the edges for about 2” on both sides, smeared the folds with paste and then roll gently but firmly from d stalk end to d tip, in the  shape of a cylinder. Cut each rolls crosswise in to pieces and cook them over steam in an idli vessel for about 45 minutes. Take out and cut in to slices.

pathyrodo combo

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